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Help the motel and staff survive COVID-19

Will the state of Maine reopen to travelers this summer? We still don't know. Even if it does, will people come? We just don't know. What we do know is that the motel is an important part of our community and we want to do everything we can to ensure its survival so we can continue to give back.

We never imagined we would need to ask for your help, but COVID-19 is making people do all sorts of things they never thought they would. In order to help keep the motel afloat during this crisis, we are accepting donations to our PayPal account. (

A portion of every donation will go toward overhead costs for the building and a portion will also be given to our housekeeper. In addition, for every $500 in donations we receive, we will provide a $100 gift certificate to town organizations to house visitors here on official business.

Gift certificates are also available for purchase. If you know you’ll be visiting some time, but just aren’t sure when, you can help the motel weather this summer by prepaying for your stay now.

Click here to purchase gift certificates.

Your generosity will help us pay it forward!  Thank you for your ongoing support of Swan's Island and the Harbor Watch Inn.

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